Contract Templates for Your Business

Contract Templates for Your Business

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Legal Agreements that Open Doors for your business!

“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” ~ Samuel Goldwyn

Someone once told me said, “Contracts are fun.” They lied. Contracts are necessary, but not very fun. But if you’re in business, and this might be a long shot, but I think you want to stay in business, right? Of course, you do and that’s what contracts do! Help you and your business!

Here’s what I want for you to get from reading this:

  1. I want you to have a serious understanding of why contracts are important to running any business professionally and efficiently; and
  2. The kind of contracts you need for the business you’re in and the transaction.

Let’s start here: Businesses are free to enter into whatever agreements they want -as long as they don’t violate public policy. So, what’s that mean? You can’t contract to commit a crime, basically. This freedom sometimes leads people to enter into horrible contracts. And I do mean horrible! A badly written contract is still a contract and often times, it is one that is NOT good for your business.

Although I am not a law professor, (I’d love to be one day, though) I want to give you a brief lesson in Contract Law. There are four basic things a contract needs in order to be valid and binding:

  1. An offer– which is a proposal from one party to another, including specific terms.
  2. Acceptance – This happens when the other party agrees to the proposal and thereby enters into the contract.
  3. Consideration– This is something of value.
  4. Capacity-Both parties need to be able to enter into the contract.

I could go into other legal lessons like the Stature of Frauds, Form of Agreement, etc, but I won’t. I’ll spare you those lessons. But I will say this – when it comes to legal agreements involving your business, always have a written contract for EVERY relationship your business enters into. Even the ones with your cousins and BFF’s (yes, they better get contracts too!)

Simple, right? Not really if you don’t know who’s going to write those contracts and make sure they’re written properly. I may be able to help with that. But for now, let’s go over a few reasons why having contracts in place to govern all your business relationships pays off in dividends for you.

  1. Ensuring you’ll be paid on time

One of the biggest problems of small businesses is lack of cash flow. The last thing you need to worry about is somebody not paying you on time.

  1. Being taken seriously by clients, vendors, potential partners, etc.

A contract signals that you are a real business. No one wants to hire a consultant and that consultant doesn’t have a Client Service Agreement. So unprofessional.

  1. Creating and PROTECTING relationships

You depend on the relationships you create for your business. Having a contract in place ensures that those relationships are protected!

  1. Peace of mind

As a business owner, you can’t be worried about whether someone will pay you or not, or will they complete the work by the deadline, and your clients shouldn’t have to worry about YOU. Having a contract that lists out duties and expectations take away the worry and give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

  1. Efficiency and productivity

Chasing after people to pay you or do what they said they would do is a huge waste of time!

  1. Evidence od an Agreement

When someone doesn’t do what they said they would do (and it happens) now you have evidence of what their responsibilities were. I always tell people, “don’t tell me what they said, tell me what they signed!”

Don’t end up a party in one of my cases – difficult cases and I’ll tell you the reason why. Clients are trying to recoup money that is definitely owed to them but, they have no way of proving it. 
They created a “document” that they perceived was a contract that stated certain things like the amount, listed check numbers and had a place for signatures. What’s missing? A LOT! Like the terms for repayment - nothing says repayment is necessary, among other things. 


So even though I’ve equipped you with some basic information about contracts, now here comes the advice:

🛑 STOP ‘drafting’ your own contracts (term used loosely) as if you’re an attorney. I make it pretty easy people! I have created contract templates which are basically fill in the blank format to help you draft the contracts you need for your business.


  • A Client Service Agreementto get in writing what you and your clients need to solidify your newly minted relationship and responsibilities.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreementto protect your super-duper business powers and Intellectual Property.
  • An Independent Contractor Agreementfor those Kick-ass contractors that help you keep your business going.
  • A Freelance Consulting Agreementthat you can use for you own gigs.
  • A Joint Venture Agreementfor those times you collaborate with other kick-ass business owners.
  • An Administrative Services Agreementfor the Virtual Assistants you’ll need to hire as your business grow.
  • And the most important things you need for your business website and that are required by law in certain cases:
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Legal Disclaimers(ADDED PROTECTION!)


What’s more is that I have made them totally affordable for you! I usually charge $99 for EACH of these attorney-drafted contracts but you can get the entire package for $74.50. That’s over 80% off of my regular price!


I’m not charging nearly enough for this package so take advantage of my insanity NOW!

 Take a look and grab your bundle NOW!